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Preparation For The Nurse Assistant Exam

It is said that opting for nursing assistant training is something which is considered to be a thrilling experience and also proves to be an exciting adventure. Depending on the requirements in each state the duration of the curriculum varies widely, it ranges from four to twelve weeks. According to federal regulations it is said that the hours of training is increased to about seventy hours which is minimum.


The nursing assistant course consists of both classroom training as well as practices which are called clinicals. The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is another aspect of completing the certification. A gap of ninety days is given to attend the exam after the completion of the training program. The lessons taught during the training do not include the entire procedures and set up but it includes teaching the fundamentals that is needed to pass the exam.

Similarities exist from state to state requirements and most of them are similar in their structure and concept. The test consists of two divisions which include both clinical as well as written exams. The clinical part deals with actual patient care which includes almost three to five nursing assistant skills. The written part continues with basic concepts, procedures and other questions about the nurse assistantís duties.

All the clinical exams are administered by an external state examiner who will be monitoring all your techniques. The skills includes washing hands, bed pan providing, grooming, re-positioning the patient in their bed, getting the temperature of the patient and also changing the linen with the patient on the bed. These are to be well practiced to make the examiner approve your skills, so it is necessary to prepare for the test and have these skills down so you can pass the exam.

Hand washing is a significant skill which is very important while handling any products or any patient. In hospitals, it is very necessary as certain diseases are very communicable and could be prevented with this small technique. It might seem odd at first that hand washing is treated as such an important skill, but in fact, it is one of the most important in all of nursing and soon you will become an old hand at it.

For this, the most important way is to study in groups which enable you to practice both the divisions of clinicals and the written as well. The school where you take the nurse assistant training will work hard to make sure you can pass the state exam and will likely hold mock exams so you can actually practice taking the test. Not only will you be able to get an idea if you are ready for the test, but taking the mock exams can help to build your confidence as well.


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