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Background Checks For A Nurse Assistant

In today’s fast track world, the word background check has a great importance due to several reasons. Most of the employers of today undergo background checks for their employees to ensure safety and security and to guard against theft as well as safeguarding people’s needs. So it is to be understood by every nursing assistant that a thorough background check is a must and will surely be done. Depends on the requirements related to the state but there are different types of background checks which are completed before approving someone for a training program.


The clearance level that has to be passed for these background checks varies with state and agency. In certain states, crimes that involve violence only will prompt a ban from working as a nursing assistant. But there are other states which are harsh and strict on rules which say that those with a history of harassment, domestic violence, drunk driving or felonies shall not be selected for a medical profession. Many think these are too strict, but the truth lies in the fact that most theft and other malpractice are caused by those who have a previous history of such actions.

Background checks depend on the person who is about to perform the test. They include the criminal history check whereas there are others who would check your entire history like education, past employment and even contacting references to learn more about you. The potential employees could also be given credit checks as well. The main reason for this is to ensure that the information provided on the application is in fact true. .

Another field of investigation is also the motor vehicle record which is becoming more common these days. Medical history is the one thing that the employer is not able to look into. Sometimes consents must be signed for them to collect information about you. Work experience does not play a major role here as there need not be much work experience for a nurse assistant job at the entry level and nurse assistants are in high demand.

If the company comes up with negative information about you they have to provide the providers name and address and from where they got such negative information so you can correct it if it is an error.

So be prepared that if you plan to enter the medical profession, even at the nurse assistant level, that you will have to undergo a background check. In order to find out the extent of the check and whether or not your credit will be checked, you can consult with the medical board for your state and find out what will be required in order to get your license. Once you have your license, different employers where you seek work, will have different back ground check regulations so you should inquire about it when you first apply.


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