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Rights Of The Patients: What Nursing Assistants Need To Know

The nursing assistants are those who take great care and concern in getting to know the patients well and to administer to their needs. Each patient received the particular care that his situation demands and it varies from patient to patient. For all those patients whom they look after it is very important for them to care for them and make regular and informed decisions. Therefore it is very necessary to know the rights of the patients and it is also very important for the nursing assistants to respect them.


The patients have several rights which are to be known by them as they have to be fully informed at the time of admission and also throughout the stay. It is the right of each patient to refuse their treatment and it is not possible for you to force them to have it. If they donít prefer your assistance you are not allowed to force them as the rights do not grant it. Such activities should be reported to the supervisor and should also be noted on the chart of the patient, that the patient has refused the care.

The patients have the right to lodge a complaint if the service offered to them is not up to their expectations. The procedures differ with each medical facility. Additionally, patients cannot be subject to physical abuse which also includes physical or chemical restraints which are not legal today.

The nursing assistant is required to provide complete confidence and dignity to the patients. In relation to the private information, they must keep it in privacy and respect. The patients have the right to practice their own religion and they can participate in the religion of their choice and also should be allowed visitors from their place of worship unless it interferes with the functioning of the medical facility.

One of the most rewarding challenges for a nursing assistant is to provide quality care to individuals. Caring for the patient could be made easier by understanding the patients better which might mean the nurse assistant becomes privy to private information. Such chats could improve the relations between the patient and the nursing staff and also between the patient and the physician and result in better care while at the medical facility.

The nurse assistant should remember at all times that even though the patient is in their care and unable to care for themselves, they must be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Not only is it the right thing to do but it is also the regulations of all medical facilities and even actual law. To violate the rights of a patient could result in a reprimand or job suspension or could even get the nurse assistant fired or confronted with legal action.


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